History in Englisch

Little Michel’s career began in his childhood. At the age of 3.5 years he sought always something that when guitar abuse, such as a broom, a wooden log or what in the was otherwise just to get in the way. “Playback” play with guitars made from plywood was his thing. In the age of 4.5 years, inspired by his uncle playing guitar, Little Michel fell into the guitar permanently. He received his first guitar lesson from his uncle. Then he wanted to only every weekend for him to play guitar. He asked every day: “Mama when do we go to uncle Rene!?” His mother had no else choice than to give him their ancient guitar! After that it was over with any peace in the house. He played with enthusiasm and love for the instrument and the music, until his mother sent him to lessons with Mathias Arb (1970 – d.18.11.2010).

He learn with Mathias for 12 years, then went to the ACM (Academy of Contemporade Musik) in Zurich and studied. He attended workshops with Paul Gilbert, Kirk Hammett etc.

At the age of 12 Little Michel played already in various bands (student bands and others).

He played in several successful bands like: Warriors (Hard Rock/Metal), Little Michel (Country solo project), Rust (Rock/Crossover), Black Sweden (ABBA Cover band), Godiva (Metal), Langford (Rock/Pop), M.G. Grace (Rock’n’Roll/Rock), Timeless Young (Blues/Rock/Country), Deutro (Hard Rock), Me and the Rest (Rock), Tensing Ebnat-Kappel (Rock/Pop/Musical), Watching Eye (Rock), Kim (Rock/Pop), Pete Dixon Band (Country/Western), Änästhesie (Rock Cover/ dialect), Talisman UK (Rock and Metal Cover band), STERLiNG (80J. Rock)etc.
In the meantime he has played in 22 bands.

Little Michel was able to play at various open airs like St.Gallen, Tufertschwil, Frauenfeld etc.

His motto is: Straight on! Short and sweet.


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